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Eisner Pummeled by Disney's Frozen Head
December 18, 2027

LOS ANGELES--Documents released Monday by the Walt Disney Company in the course of its defense against a wrongful death suit brought by the estate of its late Chairman and CEO reveal gruesome details of the executive's "accidental" death and confirm longtime rumors that the company has, for decades, maintained the frozen head of its founder in hopes that developments in medical science will enable his eventual resurrection. "This was a real double whammy," exclaims court journalist and veteran Disney-watcher Juan Yell. "I mean, to have all the 'frozen head' stuff turn out to be true after all these years, and then to have it so closely linked to Eisner's mysterious death, all I can say is 'wow!'" (full story)

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Linguists Decipher Warning Message in Genome
February 1, 2039

BOSTON--A group of researchers at MIT's Chomsky Institute announced yesterday independent confirmation of their discovery of a series of messages encoded in apparently dormant or unused sections of the human genome. "We're able to report replication of our results by at least three independent teams," explained the team's project director Klara Tulip. "We hence feel quite confident about the results and felt that they were significant enough to warrant preliminary public release." (full story)

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Wal-mart Tags Shoppers with Subcutaneous Cookies
November 18, 2009

WALVILLE, ARK.--Responding to public requests from privacy advocates, retailing giant Wal-mart agreed Wednesday to release details concerning a newly-implemented system for tracking shoppers in its Wal-mart and Sam's Club stores. "We understand that there is some sensitivity surrounding this initiative," notes Wal-mart spokesman Joel Scent, "And we want to be entirely upfront and open about the program and the ways it will benefit our shopping family. We've been testing the system in a few pilot stores--we've made no secret about that--and now, with that experience behind us, we're ready to talk about the program." (full story)

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Futurefeedforward Cuts 18,000 Jobs
October 24, 2001

NEW HAVEN--Citing recent weakness in networking and telecommunications equipment spending and a market for IT products "softened by a general downtrend in corporate earnings and by increasing uncertainty about the near-term future," Futurefeedforward CEO Redroe "Red" Boudaine announced Wednesday that the company plans to "pursue the world's first trans-temporal corporate restructuring" in an effort to "return the revenue pyramid to an upright posture." (full story)

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Gates Suffers General Protection Fault
August 3, 2101

REDMOND--A recently leaked internal company memorandum has confirmed that Microsoft Chairman Emeritus Bill Gates' collapse last Thursday was related to his participation in testing of the company's beta-stage development of an operating system for the human genome. Marked CONFIDENTIAL and addressed to members of Microsoft's Board of Directors, the memorandum admitted frankly that Gates' mysterious condition was "a result of Chairman Gates' direct participation in the development of W[indows for the] G[enome]," and sought to reassure Board members that the incident "does not represent a threat either to the established launch schedule or to the integrity of Bill's leadership." (full story)

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People Sprout Squirrels, Flies
February 11, 2119

LINCOLN, NE--Organizers of last weekend's Conference on Spontaneous Biodiversification indicate that the recently identified phenomenon has spread beyond the thinly-populated rural farmlands of the American Midwest and has begun to crop up in isolated cases in urban centers as far afield as Chicago and San Diego. "The real take-away from the Conference," notes Dr. Wendy Chimer, the Conference's keynote speaker, "is that spontaneous generations of the sort we've seen in this area for several years are not localized aberrations, but part of a larger biogenetic process that we are only now beginning to recognize." (full story)

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New Camera Offers Product Placement in Snapshots
October 3, 2006

ROCHESTER--Eastman Kodak today announced availability of a line of free digital cameras developed in partnership with digital advertising giant DoubleClick. The cameras, to be distributed for free to consumers under the "Phreeto" brandname, generate revenue in the form of sponsored digital product placements powered by DoubleClick ad-targeting technology. "Phreeto means freedom," explains Kodak Marketing Director Helmut Juice. "By working with DoubleClick to enable an ad-driven business model we'll be able to offer digital photography solutions to a much wider audience." (full story)

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Ad Pox Cured by Branded Products
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