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Temporal Networking

Our founder, Redroe “Red” Boudaine, postulated the existence of temporal networks in his modest New Mexico livingroom in mid-1996. Further careful speculation and experimentation established the eventual existence of such technology and permitted interconnection with

future-side machines through a proprietary black-box device built using off-the-shelf components.

Recent work suggests that the Temporal Network exploits peculiar quantum wave phenomena to transmit binary data from the future into the past. Certain faster-than-light waves have recently been shown to arrive at a destination before having departed their point of origin. The Temporal Network uses waves of this sort to send data from the future to the present through a Temporal Router.

Data queries are forwarded to the future simply by being stored and maintained until information that would satisfy them is available. The ForwardServer searches the database of stored queries for any requesting information to which it has access. When it finds such a query, it sends a response, through the Temporal Router, into the past to the present-day machine which stored the original query.

The building of the present-side box receiving temporally routed data, importantly, does not depend upon present understanding or implementation of the principles which eventually make the Temporal Router possible. It depends, rather, on the ability of the eventual designers of the Router to implement a workable interface with the present-side box. If such an interface can be designed, we will design it. The present functionality of the box demonstrates that we already will have.

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